We have introduced a group of Site Accelerators into your Hosting Control Panel to enable you to effortlessly enhance the overall performance of your websites. You will not need to customize anything at all inside the backend code or generate special configuration settings that need technical knowledge on your part. In the Hosting Control Panel, simply opt for the tool you would like to employ – Memcached, Varnish and Node.js and make an instance for it. It is all finished with a click. By accelerating your sites, you will not only prevent your site visitors from having to wait but will also help your website climb high in search engine listings.

You will find the Site Accelerators inside the Advanced Instruments section of your Hosting Control Panel.


RAM–memorizing as opposed to database calls

If you have a database–dependent web site or web application, and data base requests often reduce the overall performance, this can be really disheartening to the site visitors or the web application consumers. Seeking out a resolution can generally demand a lot of time. Nonetheless, in the Click2Connect Hosting Control Panel, you will find a remedy for you.

Memcached is an easy, yet high–performance distributed memory object caching system, that collects data and objects in the RAM. This way, the database–stored info on your site does not need to be querried every time a website visitor opens up exactly the same web page.

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RAM–caching as an alternative for HTTP calls

You will discover a lot of solutions to boost a website, but the majority of them need a programmer to redo the backend code. There are more user–friendly tools for increasing the rate of a web site, such as the Varnish web accelerator program incorporated into our Hosting Control Panel.

Varnish is a caching HTTP reverse proxy, which keeps HTTP calls inside the RAM and sends them to the customer instead of expecting the server to return them. Trials demonstrate that utilizing Varnish on a web site or a web app normally increases website loading speeds with a factor of 300 – 1000x. Varnish may also be set up how to deal with incoming queries – whether they need to be served by Varnish, by the server, and so forth.

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A great way to build scalable apps

Should you want to produce an app, it is best to have all the tools you may need available to you right away, without needing to seek, assemble and have them installed. The Hosting Control Panel can help you save both cash and time, by providing you with the resources you will need right where you need it.

The Node.js application facilitates programmers, whether or not they’re specialists or otherwise, to produce flexible network applications and web sites. It’s using the Google V8 JavaScript engine and the libUV. Node.js makes use of an event–based, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it light–weight as well as reliable, perfect for data–intensive real–time apps operating through distributed devices.

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